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Laboratory Instruments



Cement testing: 

A complete range of cements testing instruments including:

  • Mixers,
  • Rheometers, 
  • Fluid loss cells,
  • Corrosion testers and compressive strengthtesters,
  • Consistometers, 
  • Ultrasonic  Cement Analyzer (UCA),
  • Static Gel Strength Analyzer (SGSA),an instrument  that determines the gel strength building of a cement slurry which is ideally suited for  determining potential gas migration problems.
  • Cement hydration analyser,
  • Formation response tester ,etc.



The focus of these products is to help the technologist better  understand:

  • The nature of the hydrocarbon producing reservoir,
  • The physical properties of stimulation fluids/materials and
  • The interaction between reservoir rock and the fluids pumped into a well for various purposes  (stimulation, fines control, corrosion inhibition, etc) 


  • ROCK-EVAL – VI : An instrument for source rock characterization
  • KEROGENATRON: This instrument is designed for pure kerogen extraction and mineral destruction by acidification.



A complete range of instruments for petrophysical analysis of core samples including :

  • Core preparation ,
  • Routine core analysis and
  • Special core analysis.