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Geology & Geophysics

Our Geology & Geophysics services include:


  • Complete range of Geophones and Hydrophones,
  • Range of Seismic Vibrators,
  • VSP- Vertical Seismic Profile and
  • State of the art Cable free seismic data acquisition system for seamless operation across multiple environments of land,transition zone and shallow water to depths as much as 100 meters. Successfully by numerous contractors worldwide to shoot multi-dimensional surveys (2D, 3D,4D).

Software & Services:

Complete range of software solutions and services enabling customers to discover new oil and natural gas reservoirs, optimize production from new and existing reservoirs, and create dynamic models of Earth’s subsurface. It includes:

  • AVO,
  • Time lapse seismic,
  • Modelling & interpretation of seismic data,
  • Seismic inversion,
  • Structural interpretation,
  • Pore pressure,
  • Geostatistics,
  • Fracture network characterization,
  • Basin modelling etc.